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We proudly offer health coaching and life coaching. What part of your life do you want to change? How would accomplishing your goals affect your life?

Health and Wellness Coaching offers support and guidance as you change the habits that shape your life.  
Coaching sessions can be done via skype or facetime or in person.
Wellness and Health Coaching is for you if you:
Are finally ready to lose weight and feel confidant in your body
Have a goal in your heart that constantly pops into thought, but you resist persuing it 
Need to overhaul your stressful life and set new goals and healthy boundaries
Suffer from the constant concern of what others think of you
Have a health issue that seems to be constantly overlooked by your doctor or put off as "just aging"
Join us November 21-December 31
Let's get to the heart of the matter.
You already know what changes you need to make to reach your weight goals, but the inner dialogue you have with yourself is conflicted.
Why don't you follow thru?
Why do you give in?
Why do you lose your dedication? 
We will dig into the inner workings of your thinking to help you find a new strength and a new ability to stay consistent in the actions that will lead you to reaching your goal.
Holiday healthy choices support
$79 introductory rate
regularly $279
Includes the following, all hosted online or on the telephone: 
~Live goal setting strategy session 
~2 half hour private coaching calls 
~3 Masterclasses
~text support 
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