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Who we are

We are the massage therapists at Bliss Mama Wellness, located in downtown Cumming, GA.  We have 3-30 years of experience each, and feel passionate about delivering high quality therapeutic massage services.

What is chair massage?

The massage chair provides a portable way to massage the back, shoulders, neck and arms in almost any location, from offices, meeting rooms, to conventions and conference centers.  

We come in, setup a serene environment, and provide relaxing, pain relieving massage for clients and employees.

Why should we offer chair massage?

Studies show chair massage improves morale, improves productivity, and decreases sick days.  From millennials to baby boomers, this is the perfect way to say thank you and keep people feeling happy and well cared for.


Chair massage is $75 per hour/ per therapist.



Get $10 off per hr/therapist on your first visit.

Schedule monthly visits for 12 months, get an additional $5 off per hr/therapist.


We work with a network of experienced therapists, and are able to accommodate any size group.  


Corporate Yoga Classes

Corporate yoga classes bring relaxation, stress relief and muscle conditioning to your employees.  Yoga teaches people how to remain calm in stressful situations, find their strength and honor the process of growth.

Class pricing is $8 per student/ per class.

Minimum of 8 students required,

maximum is limited to the potential of your facility space.

Call today to schedule.

Jennessa Sabella, LMT, NMT

Bliss Mama Wellness owner

(770) 722-2711

Bliss on the go

bringing corporate massage & yoga

to your office or workplace

Be everyone's hero!  Bring chair massage or corporate yoga classes to your office.