Soul Care Coaching focuses on creating a successful weight loss mindset.

The Soul Care coaching approach will help you achieve success across several aspects of life, including

~Weight Loss

~Emotional balance

~Healthier Mindset

~Stronger sense of Direction

~Healthier Relationships

The support you get from Soul Care Coaching will change everything you know about getting healthy, and allow you to define your goals, create a path to success, and feel supported and encouraged along the way...

Finally, learn a sustainable method for sticking to your goals.

Introducing a new approach to lasting weight loss & personal transformation!

  Join Jennessa in 2018...

Meet your Soul Care Coach and new BFF in health,

Jennessa Sabella, LMT, NMT

With a unique approach to Integrative wellness  coaching, Jennessa helps individuals change the thoughts that become actions, habits and lifestyle definitions.  These simple changes offer profound results that stick. 

Her style is gentle and loving, yet persistent and profound. She brings together life experience and multidisciplinary certifications in holistic wellness for a truly different approach that encompasses body, mind and spirit.

Do you have a better vision for yourself than your current reality?

Do you set the same health and weight loss goals every New Year?

If you have struggled with the same issues year after year after year, there is a pattern in place.


Your mind continues to create the same reality over and over again, even though you yearn for something better. You are giving out an energy that attracts more of the same and I can teach you how to fix that ;)

 How will your life feel when you can finally stop obsessing about your body?...



Lose the weight that holds you back,

Find that glowing inner goddess,

Set a shining example for your family,

Make friends that lift you up,

Feel your true, authentic soul shining,

Live aligned with your burning purpose.

The time is now. 2018 is YOUR year.

The real you is already there, she's just buried... 

This year, let Soul Care Coaching help YOU redefine the success of your transformation story.


Based on 18 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, this system is designed to help you speak the truth to yourself about what you want, and work steadily in a loving, supportive environment to get there. 

If your goal is weight loss and health improvement,

this is a refreshing new approach.

No deprivation, no dieting, no torturous new forms of exercise...


Jennessa will be accepting a select number of clients for 2018.

Schedule your 60 minute Soul Care Breakthrough session now.  This 1:1 call with Jennessa will help you discover your unique needs and struggles, and create a plan to break free!

The cost is $100. If you desire further support, a Soul Care Coaching program will be created just for you!


Schedule your call, and become one of the 2018 Soul Care Success stories...

I know, personally, what it takes to get the life you yearn for.

I know because I have been there.  I have felt the heartache of living a life that didn't feel aligned with my soul.

I have felt trapped in a body that isn't as able as I longed to be, or as strong, limber, and thin as it once was.

I have made peace with myself on a soul level, which ultimately lead to the free ability to create new goals for my heart, soul, business and body.  This peace required retraining my mind, and it is the main reason I found success.  

I have based this Soul Coaching experience on my own lessons, and they have been well proven to work.

I got you, girl.  

I promise to give you all I can of myself to help you obliterate the blocks holding you back and rock your life in a whole new way...